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Why it got started

Nic runs the A11y Rules Podcast, a show about web accessibility. He wants to spread the word about podcast accessibility, because he’s passionate about it! Eric is also passionate about accessibility. He is an avid podcast listener and long time developer.

One morning1, Nic and Eric were talking about podcast accessibility. They were thinking it would be great if there was a spot for podcasters to learn about accessibility. And in the space of a few hours, Podcast Accessibility was born!

Who is behind it

Nicolas Steenhout

A developer in the mid-‘90s, Nicolas Steenhout was approached by clients facing issues not yet part of the public consciousness. On the emerging web, accessibility hurdles were keeping people with disabilities from engaging with a technological revolution.

Confronted by this gap within the digital landscape, Nic began championing web accessibility. He transitioned into the non-profit sector where he collaborated with people with a wide variety of impairments and was introduced to new assistive technologies.

Twenty years on, Nic continues his accessibility work as a consultant for both the private and non-profit sectors. Having worked on three continents, he’s engaged with thousands of individuals with disabilities. Blogger, podcaster, public speaker, Nic offers real-world insight into everyday accessibility issues.

You can find Nic here:

Eric Eggert

Eric is passionate about accessibility. He also enjoys listening to podcasts. As a consultant he teaches accessibility in various contexts, translating WCAG to Human. He also teaches accessibility to content strategists in a course at the FH Joanneum Graz.

You can find Eric here:

  1. Actually for Eric it was more the late afternoon, but who wants to be overly precise like that ;-)