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Request for help - How accessible are podcast hosting services?

There are a variety of podcast hosting services. Some are more popular than others. But very few appear to be accessible - both in terms of pushing accessible podcasts and podcast pages, but also in terms of being used by disabled podcasters. I’m looking for help making a list of the pros and cons of each ones, when it comes to accessibility.

Podcasting services

Here is a non-exhaustive list of podcast hosting services I would like to start with. If you use and/or know one that isn’t in this list, by all means, add it and start doing an assessment!

And if anyone from these services wants to provide a self-assessment, please, do so! I welcome all information about these services.

What to check

What makes a podcast accessible? Well, as you may garner from the entirety of the site, several things. Here are some basic items for a quick check:

How to provide this information

Please put the information on the GitHub page, send a pull request.

View the list of podcast hosting and add accessibility information

If you do not have a GitHub account or are intimidated by GitHub, please send me a tweet to organize a different way to provide me the information.

Formatting the information

Please do make sure to itemize each point listed above with a “yes/no/maybe” and provide notes if and when appropriate. Don’t worry too much about the formatting. I’ll clean that up.