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How to implement podcast accessibility

There are a few things to do to improve your podcast’s accessibility.


Transcripts are, arguably, the most important thing you can do to increase your show’s accessibility. You will benefit from providing transcripts yourself, beyond increased accessibility.

You can create your own transcripts. You can also use commercial services to get automated or human generated transcripts. The best way to provide a transcript is inline on the show’s page itself, but you can also provide downloadable or linked transcripts.

Detailed information on creating and displaying transcripts

Accessible website

Your website site should be coded with accessibility in mind. This will allow people with disabilities to access your shows, the show notes, the transcripts, etc.

Some elements to consider for site accessibility:

Accessible sites in a bit more details

Media players

The media player you use will make a difference as to whether or not people with disabilities will be able to use it. At a bare minimum, it should be operable by keyboard only. Focus should be visible on each control. And controls need to be clearly labelled in a way that a screen reader can understand and announce the controls properly.

More information about accessible media players