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Accessible media players

One of the items you have to consider to improve your podcast’s accessibility is which player you’ll use. Many of the players available through major podcasting platforms are not accessible. Providing alternatives is important.

Basic accessibility features of media players

Advanced accessibility features of media players

Some accessible media players

The following list is not exhaustive but should get you started

Implementing an accessible media player on your podcast website

There are too many different services to provide detailed information about implementing an accessible media player on your site. I’ll be happy to help in as much as I’m able to if you ping me on Twitter

What if your podcasting platform’s player is not accessible?

If the podcasting platform you use doesn’t provide an accessible player, and there are no solution to swap for a different player, you may wish to contact the provider and point out that the player is not accessible and that you need them to improve the accessibility. This may not lead anywhere, but if enough people voice the need for accessibility, it may become a feature that is implemented in their player.